Alexa Bliss Autographed 16" x 20" On Ropes with Lilly Photograph and "Pain x Play" Inscription

Listing Number: 4325382
Alexa Bliss Autographed 16


  • Winning Bid: $185.00


    Name Date Quantity Bid
    NARDDAWG JG Dec 17, 2022 06:03:21 AM EST 1 $185.00
    ItsDaniel Dec 16, 2022 02:59:14 PM EST 1 $180.00
    NARDDAWG JG Dec 16, 2022 08:56:06 AM EST 1 $175.00
    ItsDaniel Dec 16, 2022 02:58:58 PM EST 1 $170.00
    Wtcoulson Dec 15, 2022 07:14:02 PM EST 1 $160.00
    NARDDAWG JG Dec 16, 2022 08:55:43 AM EST 1 $160.00
    ItsDaniel Dec 7, 2022 10:48:41 AM EST 1 $150.00
    Jamar23 Dec 10, 2022 08:09:47 PM EST 1 $141.00
    Jamar23 Dec 10, 2022 08:09:41 PM EST 1 $131.00
    Twins3434 Dec 7, 2022 12:39:07 AM EST 1 $121.00
    Jamar23 Dec 7, 2022 12:15:11 AM EST 1 $120.00
    vincejr94 Dec 7, 2022 12:12:47 AM EST 1 $50.00
    ItsDaniel Dec 6, 2022 07:14:06 PM EST 1 $45.00
    Cljd236 Dec 6, 2022 06:37:33 PM EST 1 $40.00
    ItsDaniel Dec 6, 2022 07:13:51 PM EST 1 $40.00
    ItsDaniel Dec 6, 2022 07:13:34 PM EST 1 $15.00
  • Item Description

    Alexa Bliss' ability to captivate audiences with her wide range of character transformations is what makes her one of the top attractions in WWE. Showcase your appreciation for one of WWE's most versatile grapplers by adding this Autographed On Ropes with Lilly Photograph. The collectible comes hand-signed by Alexa Bliss and includes a "Pain x Play" Inscription. Lilly might not be around as often, but this is the perfect memento and signals you are no doubt a devout Alexa Bliss fan.
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